About Us

Our staff has experience in many professional arenas with specialties ranging from Human Resources, Manufacturing, Safety, and Health Care to Engineering, Retail Sales, and Customer Service.

After over 15 years of leading various Human Resource functions of several different companies our President, Jeff Strong, recognized the devastating impact of employee turnover and how the poor feedback from most exit interview processes were of little help. After watching a particularly insightful employee leave the company without sharing her frustrations or suggestions, Jeff knew something had to change and began researching options.

Jeff learned that many others were experiencing the same problem and there were very few resources available. It was then that Human Capital Advantage, LLC. was formed to meet this growing need.

To contact us:
Human Capital Advantage
PO Box 51, Montezuma, Iowa, 50171
Phone: 641-676-1574 or 855-976-1574    
E-mail: info@HumanCapAdv.com


Jeff Strong