Exit Interview Services

Human Capital Advantage, LLC is proud to offer skilled professionals to conduct your exit interviews in a manner that will produce more candid and honest feedback from your departing employees.

The key to the highest quality exit interviews is confidentiality. Most departing employees are reluctant to provide candid comments about a supervisor or department if there is even the slightest possibility that the comment may be traced back to that employee. Remember when your mother said, "If you don't have anything good to say... don't say anything at all"?

Think about the last exit interview you participated in. Did you provide all the information you could have? Did you let the company know the real reasons you were leaving? Some people do...most don't.

Why not let the staff of Human Capital Advantage, LLC get you the information you need to reduce turnover, save money and increase morale among your staff? All services are provided in the most efficient, friendly, and professional manner possible to save you time and money.

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  Consider this:
  - Estimates state that replacing an entry level non-exempt employee can cost as much as 1/2 their annual salary, while an exempt position can cost 1-2 times and executive positions 3-5 times their annual salary.  
  - The average time required to fill a job opening has increased from 41 to 51 days.  
  - The federal government predicts that by the year 2015 more than 24% of jobs may be unfilled.  
  - How busy is your HR team already? How much time is consumed conducting, reviewing, and tabulating Exit Interviews that could be spent doing something else?