Human Capital Advantage, LLC. conducts Exit Interviews for clients of any size located anywhere in the United States or around the world. By insuring confidentiality to your employees in our interview and reporting methods, we have the ability to obtain candid, honest feedback quickly and efficiently.

We are not interested in you outsourcing your entire HR department and would even discourage that action. Our focus is to provide a service that you and your staff can use to save money, improve retention, and increase the overall impression of Human Resources within your organization. You may be surprised to find yourself saving significantly in the costs and time associated with departing employees.

Our experience has shown us that the best results can be obtained via phone interviews. This process allows your departing employee to feel safe in communicating sensitive issues confidentially.

Take a look at our "Exit Interview Service" page and then contact us today to see how we can help you take better advantage of the knowledge, training, and experience of our staff and yours.

To contact us:
Human Capital Advantage
PO Box 51, Montezuma, Iowa, 50171
Phone: 641-676-1574 or 855-976-1574